Welcome to Teclever Solutions

Teclever offers comprehensive services for any business by transforming innovation to a digital solution. Our mission is to create products to connect people and system across the globe. We build innovative products; provide high quality services to deliver digital outcomes for the world's most ambitious companies to enhance customer experience.

If you ready to start your digital transformation journey, then we are ready to accelerate it with software and cloud platform driven solutions.

Our Services


Teclever offers embedded software development services for industrial and home automation applications.

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Teclever offers a list of tools and services for the mobile enterprise that moves with the speed of its customers.

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Teclever provides best practices to kick start your cloud based application and accelerate innovation to achieve agility.

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Salesforce is best known for serving sales organizations and to create new digital experiences for customers at scale.

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Big Data

Teclever has invested in building strong capabilities on big data and developing solutions.

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To accomplish in today's competitive global economy, we acquire insight-driven decision-making.

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Our Solutions

ESB Apps

Mobility, Location Intelligence Solutions on Cloud to transform the way we do business.

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Primary Care, Patient Engagement and Continuous care and Health Exchange Solution.

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Bringing world class Sonars for efficient and informed way of catching fish.

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Our Clients

At Teclever, we continue to delight our clients through our innovation. We work together across the globe to understand, collaborate and to make a world of difference.

Our Partners

As we are constantly exploring the potential of emerging technology, we build our network and grow our relationship with fresh innovation, precision solutions to solve for your needs. We associate with a vast set of leading partners to help discover what technology can enable for your business. Our partners bring the right technology and deep expertise to accelerate changes across your business and create scope of your enter-prise.